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The Moment With Kelly Cowan

by Steve Steinberg For Kelly Cowan, a veteran of the Temecula Valley music scene, the connection to music came early in life, and the moments that shaped his musical talents also came early in life. These talents have earned him respect among local musicians and recognition throughout the Temecula Valley for his many musical projects. Spend a little time talking with Cowan and you are instantly affected by his passion for music. Spend a little more time with him and you will likely hear the stories of how his early love...
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Local Musicians and Choirs Featured at 2015 Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival

wine and baloon Local Musicians and Choirs Featured at 2015 Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival TEMECULA, CA - The 2015 Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival will feature performances by several local groups May 29-31 at Lake Skinner Recreation Area. Festival organizers have tapped the talents for show choirs, local rock, country, classic rock and alternative bands to add to the festivities of the 32-year-old event. Opening on the main stage on Friday at 5:30 pm. is Kanan Road a local...
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Entertainment For Kids in Temecula

Kids Having Fun in TemeculaWith rolling hills and a historic backdrop, Temecula, California, offers many types of excursions for kids. Children who enjoy being active outdoors can explore nature areas. For those interested in local culture, the city has venues highlighting the region's diversity. Also, several museums boast popular educational programs. With some planning, you'll find plenty of entertainment for your kids in Temecula.

Old Town District

Temecula's Old Town, built in 1882, maintains its historic feel in present day. It offers...
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