Temecula entertainment Mrs. Jones' Revenge

Mrs. Jones’ Revenge

Formed in late 2010 by leading vocal impressionist Jeff McNeal, Mrs. Jones’ Revenge breaks new ground as a very unique kind of local band. Combining uncanny vocal impressions with musicians of studio-quality caliber, Mrs. Jones’ Revenge faithfully recreates the magic of rock and roll’s greatest acts live on stage featuring classic hits from iconic artists …

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The Band Entouraj

The Band Entouraj

The band ENTOURAJ wants to share with you the fun, joy and power of the music that is their passion! They are a 4 piece, high-energy, 5 star rated variety dance band that plays rock, pop, dance, latin, oldies and disco featuring a talented female vocalist with a powerful voice and a magnetic stage presence …

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Entertainment in Temecula Lifetime Rocker

Lifetime Rocker

LIFETIME ROCKER is a premium rock/dance/concert band covering an extensive list of iconic and highly recognizable music from the 50’s – 2000’s. We cover many genres (rock/pop/soul/funk/R&B/country/soft rock-pop (aka, “Yacht Rock”) /Latin/progressive/blues/jazz, etc…..over 500 songs, over 33 hours of live music).Everyone in the band is an excellent player and sings incredibly well. Expert musical execution …

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OS Roxx Temecula Entertainment

OS Roxx

OS Roxx is a cover band based in Temecula, CA. Formed in 2013 to deliver quality popular rock songs ranging from traditional classic rock to the power hair metal rock of the 80s & 90s. Plus some modern songs from the rock genre have been added to the set list to broaden their audience acceptance. …

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Entertainment in Temecual Michael Chain

Michael Chain

When it comes to song writing, the story’s the thing, and Michael Chain tells one with the best of them. No big surprise. Chain has been a top music and screenwriter for years (major artists record his tunes, his shows have been EMMY nominated and won the prestigious Peabody Award). And the man can sing. …

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Dustin Jake live music in Temecula

Dustin Jake

“You have to see him live in order to fully ‘get it’. He’s just that good.”In a musical age where the beats are getting heavier, the production thicker, and the live performances more theatrical, Dustin Jake likes to keep things simple: Just him, an acoustic guitar, and a great song. Based out of Temecula, CA, …

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