Entertainment For Kids in Temecula

Entertainment For Kids in Temecula

Entertainment For Kids in Temecula

Kids Having Fun in TemeculaWith rolling hills and a historic backdrop, Temecula, California, offers many types of excursions for kids. Children who enjoy being active outdoors can explore nature areas. For those interested in local culture, the city has venues highlighting the region’s diversity. Also, several museums boast popular educational programs. With some planning, you’ll find plenty of entertainment for your kids in Temecula.

Old Town District

Temecula’s Old Town, built in 1882, maintains its historic feel in present day. It offers regular entertainment and seasonal activities for children. The Community Theater hosts various dance and dramatic productions throughout the year, and the shopping district features horse-drawn carriage rides and outside weekend events. In the summer, Old Town hosts stage coach rides, American Indian dancers and sidewalk painting. In the winter, there is an outdoor skating rink and Christmas events.


Penny Pickle’s Workshop is a popular interactive exhibit at the Temecula Children’s Museum. Kids can let their imagination run wild in the showroom with many gadgets and hands-on experiments. The museum is geared toward scientific topics such as earthquakes, magnetic forces and microscopes. For cultural education, take your kids to the Temecula Valley Museum. In addition to regional artifacts from different periods, the museum has antique farming and ranch equipment and native art. It offers performances and demonstrations for families one Thursday night a month and also hosts educational programs for kids on family day one Saturday a month.

Outside Activities

With its mild year-round climate, Temecula offers outside activities for families to enjoy together. Harveston Lake has a public park, walking and biking paths, several playgrounds and spots for fishing and duck feeding. The Safari West Wildlife Preserve lets kids get up close to exotic African animals. For an exciting ride with stunning views, take them up in a hot air balloon; several companies offer rides that let you enjoy the countryside and wildlife. During fall, the Peltzer Pumpkin Farm features pony rides, pig races and a petting zoo.

Active Entertainment

Children with energy to burn can easily find an outlet in Temecula. My Gym is a fitness and learning center for kids, from babies up to age 13. It features safe and educational classes in coordination, relays, karate and even art. Classes range from one hour to several hours. SCEGA Gymnastics teaches classes for preschool children as well as girls’ and boys’ gymnastics. It has a pirate ship with trampoline and foam pit. Temecula Skate Park is open to kids age 5 and up, offering skateboarding and in-line skating ramps, special beginner’s sessions and nighttime access. Children must sign a waiver in order to use the facility.



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