The Cheez Whiz Band

The Cheez Whiz Band

There are two types of people in the world, those who love cheesy 80s music . . . and liars. Regardless of which group you are in, we introduce to you, The Cheez Whiz Band. This is a safe place. Your musical tastes are embraced here. Stop fighting it. We’re “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

The Cheez Whiz Band is an 80s cover band dedicated to the proposition that ALL 80s music, no matter how corny, no matter how cheesy, should be heard and experienced live. We are committed to bringing these magnificent tunes to a new generation, a generation that has forgotten what it means to have fun. And for you old-timers sick of dancing to “Jenny, Jenny” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, have we got the prescription for you.

Age-old secret crush on Debbie Gibson or Tiffany? We’ll bring that back for you. Afraid to admit in front of your metal head friends that you owned the cassette single for “The Final Countdown”? Throw your devil horns in the air and rock out with us. Can’t help but tap your feet whenever “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” comes on? Now it’s time to let loose and dance. Not sure what “Word Up” means but love that groove and it’s fun to spell? Let’s celebrate the 80s in all of its glory.

Make sure and follow us on Facebook and become a member of our fan club. Whether you’re a Cheez-It, a Cheez-Ette or a non-binary cheese, you are part of the family.

The Cheez Whiz Band provides a full 80s show experience including costumes, props, choreography, cheesy wigs, video displays, audience participation and even aerobics. We want to be your 80s cover band. We have our own complete light and sound system and can turn your private party or special event into the wildest, craziest and cheesiest celebration ever. Contact us for your celebration today.

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