Lifetime Rocker

Lifetime Rocker

LIFETIME ROCKER is a premium rock/dance/concert band covering an extensive list of iconic and highly recognizable music from the 50’s – 2000’s.

We cover many genres (rock/pop/soul/funk/R&B/country/soft rock-pop (aka, “Yacht Rock”) /Latin/progressive/blues/jazz, etc…..over 500 songs, over 33 hours of live music).
Everyone in the band is an excellent player and sings incredibly well. Expert musical execution & presentation, 4 part harmony, horns, strings, etc (all played “live”)….nothing is “missing”, and we provide a repertoire that few if any cover bands would even attempt. This sets us apart from most bands in So Cal. You can see a list of many of the artists and genres we cover on our Facebook page or on our website (below).

We were voted “Best Cover Band” at the prestigious Temecula Valley Music Awards and were also voted “Best of the Inland Empire” by Inland Empire Magazine three years in a row (2017, ’18, ’19).

We also offer an extremely fun and interactive “Live Band Karaoke” program that is exactly what it sounds like…….you, and/or your clients/guests are invited up to be the “lead vocalist” of a high quality live band……no tracks, completely live. We provide a monitor with the lyrics, an assistant to sign up those that would like to sing, and over 500 songs to choose from!

Geoff Ryle: vocals, keyboards
Kelly Cowan: vocals, guitars
Joe Schiavone: vocals, bass
Ray Ortega: vocals, drums

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