Michael Chain

Michael Chain

When it comes to song writing, the story’s the thing, and Michael Chain tells one with the best of them. No big surprise. Chain has been a top music and screenwriter for years (major artists record his tunes, his shows have been EMMY nominated and won the prestigious Peabody Award). And the man can sing. A quick listen to any cut on Chain’s CDs makes that clear.

Michael wrote and produced his latest CDs with engineer Dave Matthews twiddling knobs at Studio 19 in Nashville. His single “Do You Wanna Do It?”, hit number one on the Hot AC Indie Charts. Musicians stand in line to work with Chain and include folks who have played with George Harrison, Steely Dan, the Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Billy Joel, Tom Waits, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Dylan, Waylon, Faith, Tina, Shania… this band don’t suck!

Chain knows his way around a recording studio, but concerts are where his heart is – no audience in a session. From hell holes the Hollywood Bowl he has shared the stage with everybody from Led Zeppelin to Louis Armstrong.

B.J. Thomas, Vicki Laurence, Lee Roy Van Dyke, the Knack, Eric Andersen, Wayne Newton, the Mills Brothers, Manuela Torres and John Davidson, to name a few, have cut Michael’s tunes and his script credits range from Punky Brewster and Police Academy to Rambo and Chuck Norris. You’ve heard Chain’s voice as the Transformers, the Chicken McNuggets, and on hundreds of TV and radio spots.

Michael grew up(?) in the wilds of Laurel Canyon when it was the Music Mecca of rock. His parents gave him a guitar for his thirteenth birthday to get him to put down his BB gun and it worked. Music became his passion. Sinatra gave the boy his first singing job, Bob Dylan encouraged him to pursue a recording career, and Buck Owens told Michael “cut your damn hair!”

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